A Flowerpecker Fifty… Fourth

So, I’ve passed 50 posts. A half-century. Who would’ve thought? But 50 is too overdone. 50– half-century– nah. That’s too mainstream. The new cool number, guys, is 54: yeah, you heard me. 54. Getting the chill vibes, peeps?…. No, this isn’t working. Forget I said anything.

(This has totally nothing at all to do with the fact I completely forgot the fact it was my 50th post till I was writing my 51st. Nope. Not at all. Not. At. All.)

To celebrate, here’s a scarlet-backed flowerpecker. These lil guys are the ones you see as tiny dots flying overhead with a metronomic chk… chk… chk… sound. It loves gardens and figs and doesn’t really care about people: an adaptable species, consider it the flowerpecker equivalent of the olive-backed sunbird.


This flowerpecker being one of the prettiest and also the most common one in Singapore aside, celebrating my 54th blog post isn’t going to be just that. Oh no.

Jokes aside, 54 is a pretty large number and I’ve so enjoyed my journey in sharing MacRitchie’s biodiversity with you all through my photographs. But along the way, I’ve seen so many more fantastic photographs and photographers from within MacRitchie, so for the next week, I’m inviting all of them to either tag their Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Wordpress/whatever posts as #SavingMacRitchie or email their photographs to savemacritchie@gmail.com. The rules are simple. Anything and everything applies; it just has to be appropriate for this blog and taken within MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore. And along with it, I want the name (or pseudonym) of the photographer, as well as a brief caption describing the wildlife in the photograph and why they love MacRitchie or being out in nature, and why they think Singapore’s green spaces should be preserved. As reward– my undying love and a feature on a special, dedicated page on this blog, as well as a deeper appreciation for nature. Really, this is not a contest: it’s about ‘sharing the love’ for a priceless natural heritage in Singapore, and at the end of the day, Saving MacRitchie.

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